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Clover Print

„Low cost“ techniques develpoment of printing has always had a special place and meaning in every big company. Today, with development of office printers and adjustable raw materials (ink / paper), remarkable improvement has been achieved in their adjustment for multiple versions of print. Clover Print is result of global technologies development and fusion of the best segments of raw materials in textile printing industry.

Whether it is raster or vector graphics, small or large prints; The print results are identical on the screen with extremely low cost and easy to use.


1. Computer
Using Clover Print technology requires standard computer. Even though printing can be done using Paint, Word or PDF reader, the best results will be achieved using one of the following software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw with no additional settings required, only by using ICC profile that are available for free download in user section of our website.
2. Printer
Clover tehnikom moguće je koristiti ink-jet pisač po želji, no ipak su potrebni osnovni kriteriji koje pisač treba zadovoljiti. Potrebno je da radi sa CMYK sustavom ispisa, koristi micro-piezo glave za ispis i da ima vanjske tankove za boju. Modeli koji se mogu koristiti i naša preporuka su: Epson L300 serija za A4 format ispisa i Epson L1300 serija za A3 format ispisa. 3. Clover set
Clover set is fusion of 3 components:
Clover ink (Cyan 40ml, Magenta 40ml, Yellow 40ml, Key 40ml)
Clover paper (100pcs / pack - A4 / A3 format)
Clover Sticker (binding agent in a powder form packed in 100g and 500g containers)
4. Heatpress or iron
The graphic solution printed on the Clover Paper using Clover Ink and fixated using Clover Sticker is being transfered using the heating device. Even though it is possible to complete transfer process using the iron, it is highly recommended to use heatpress instead with the following settings:
Temperature: 180°C
Time: 30 sec
Pressure: High
5. Surface for application
Clover print can be applied to cotton, polyester, jute, cardboard, wood, glass and blends of materials. Durability of application on cotton and polyester is more then 40 washes at recommended temperatures of washing. For other material durability may vary, depending on the material it was applied to.

Clover Start set

Clover Ink:
Water based pigment ink used for making heat transfers compatible with ink-jet printers that use micro- piezo print head. CMYK inks packed in 40ml bottles wich is enough for at least 1500 A4 prints with more then 70% saturation.

Clover Paper:
Paper coated with low absorbing layer wich doesn't let the ink dry or soak in, but rather remains on the surface. Clover Paper is available in A4 or A3 format containing 100 sheets in a single package. New Clover product "Phoenix Paper" contains 50 sheets in a package.

Clover Sticker:
Binding agent in a powder form that is being sprinkled over the print on the Clover transfer. During the transfering process, Sticker binds the pigment particles to itself and binds together with the pigment on the material it is being applied to. The main purpose is durability in washing. Packed in 100g and 500g

Clover print

Clover tech. support PDF download

Clover print icc profili

Free Clover ICC profiles for Epson L series download

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